What Social Media Marketing Can Do For Your Business?

Social media undoubtedly became the major tool of communication in the 21st century. Nevertheless, its continuous evolution paves way for marketers and companies to promote their products and services more effectively. Features such as the Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop are just clear evidence of socmed’s rising potential. Hence, social media marketing became the mainstream for building businesses. So whether you are in the micro, medium, or macro-level already, here are some reasons why you should equip social media marketing to your company now:

Social media marketing became the main stream for building businesses


On an important note, your business is not just about what products and services you are offering. It’s about your identity-your brand. What are your mission and vision in the first place? Remember that customers would not buy from you without knowing you first. With that, social media is the place where you can easily spread the word about your company. No wonder why in the latest study conducted by Sprout Social, brand awareness remains the top priority for social marketers with 69% while 46% of them are focused on audience growth, which is both possible through social media.


Having an active social media page is like placing a 24/7 customer service desk for your company. It is open for questions and duly interacts with your audience and customers. Truly, as your business goes online, the more your clients should feel a person behind the brand. Who likes to talk to a robot anyways? According to the same survey, consumers said that engagement with their audience at 61% is the top factor when it comes to a brand’s social presence together with strong customer service at 44%. Furthermore, you can also create engagement with your valued customers by regularly posting, replying to comments, and asking for feedback from them. Thankfully, you can get them actively involved as well by creating engagement campaigns through social media at a relatively low price.

INCREASING YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFICSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is one thing and social media marketing is another when it comes to driving traffic to your website. We all know that a social media post is too limited for a potential client to know all about your company. But by simply linking your site to your social media page and posts, your customers will be able to easily access and visit your website. As a marketer, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Considering the fact that 9 out of 10 consumers will purchase products from a brand they follow on social media, every company should consider building a strong online presence both on their social media and website.


With the rapidly changing consumer behavior, we have continuously evolved social media to meet our audience and customer needs. Time will come, whether we like it or not when social media marketing becomes pricey. So we must make the best use of it now.

In this regard, we would like to know what will be your priority for your social media marketing campaign. Will you start with raising brand awareness, creating customer engagement, or boosting your website traffic? Freely share it in the comments below. 

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