• December 3, 2022

Marketing Funnel: Turning Ideas into a Successful Business Content

Image Source: Hi there! I am a lot like you. I have a lot of ideas, and I know how to help your business grow, but I need a little time to organize everything. I am not sure if you have heard of the marketing funnel, but it is a process that helps you understand […]

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  • August 31, 2022

8 Instagram Algorithm Hacks To Get Your Content Seen On Instagram

Introduction The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, and every update affects how your content will appear in your followers’ feeds. Some ideas work well for a while, but then the algorithm changes and they become less effective. This article will help you stay ahead of the game by explaining how to get your content seen […]

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  • August 30, 2022

10 Reasons Why You Should Include Facebook in Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook became the social media giant for companies and advertisers to effectively market their products and services. A recent survey shows that its monthly active users already reached 2.91 billion this year, which is a significant 6.2% jump from the 2.74 billion users last 2021. With the mixed excitement and doubts brought by the latest […]

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  • April 21, 2022

10 Social Media Trends Every Business Should Know For Their Marketing Strategy

#1: Social Media Advertising Will Be More PersonalizedMarketers and advertisers on social media are already developing personalized advertising campaigns that will display in the feeds of people who are more inclined to engage with them. This fact implies that, based on your search history and results, your Facebook ads will become more relevant to you. […]

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  • February 22, 2022

What Social Media Marketing Can Do For Your Business?

Social media undoubtedly became the major tool of communication in the 21st century. Nevertheless, its continuous evolution paves way for marketers and companies to promote their products and services more effectively. Features such as the Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop are just clear evidence of socmed’s rising potential. Hence, social media marketing became the mainstream […]

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